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What documents do I need before buying a house?

Preliminary checks

You know perfectly well that Italy is a wonderful country because you can find a “corner of history” anywhere and it’s also for this reason that it’s very easy to understand that the vast majority of real estate properties were built in the very ancient times. But.. In this case, what documents do i need before buying a house?

In some cases, It’s not so easy to obtain all the documents certifying their regularity and often you only realize the irregularities after thorough verification.

I know what you are thinking

…why does the owner of the property not verify that everything is in order before putting it on the market?

There are 2 main reasons why this is not the case:

  1. The first reason is that in Italy, unfortunately, there is still little precautionary culture, not only from the sellers but also from many real estate agents who should instead make them understand how important it is to verify that everything is in place, to avoid wasting everyone a lot of time;
  2. The second reason is that both the seller and 90% of the real estate agents believe it’s appropriate to carry out thorough investigations and spend money on them, only when a real buyer is found.

Well, now I expect you to tell me:

There is a Notary figure in Italy, he will protect me!

The notary, a public official of the State, has the task of certifying the identity of the two parties, carrying out mortgage inspections on the property and ensuring that the purchase tax is paid.

The seller has the obligation, at the request of the notary, to provide during the signing of the deed of sale a dossier or a technical report of urban development compliance, prepared by a technician who is usually an architect, engineer or surveyor who certifies that there are no irregularities on the house that they are selling.

Be careful because now, this is an important step that you absolutely must know quite well.

It’s right that you should know that the Notary is not obliged to verify that all the documentation of the house you are buying is in order.

He simply asks to be provided with the technical report of urban development conformity that the seller has had prepared by his trusted technician.

The notary receives the technical report from the seller, he is not bound to verify if it’s correct.

The seller then declares on the notary agreement, which you will sign, that the property he is selling is in order.

what happens if, after a few years, you discover that what the seller’s technician has certified is not correct and some anomalies come to light?

I know perfectly well what you are thinking at the moment:

…but how is it possible that a professional does not do his job well and that, above all the notary (…that you paid for) Didn’t notice this problem?

Don’t be surprised because it happens frequently.

This is what happened to Irish buyers who told us about how they bought a farmhouse in Tuscany with a water source inside their private property.
After signing the purchase contract with the previous owner in front of the notary, his neighbour knocked on the door in the subsequent days, waving an old agreement recorded by another notary, he had the right to enter the private property, which the Irish clients had just purchased, to take water from the spring.

It is important to know that here in Italy legal cases are resolved in an average of no less than 6/7 years!

I’m sure you’ve gotten the message loud and clear!

…but then what should be done?

Do you know what I would do if I had to buy in a country far from where I live and I had to make sure that the house I am buying is fully compliant?

I will do exactly what I recommended in the previous video about choosing a professional who “plays in my own team and wears the same shirt like me”.

The same applies like the situation of the real estate agent who was commissioned by his seller.
Who tells me that the architect, chosen by the seller and not by you may have an interest in hiding anomalies so as not to make the negotiations collapse for the person who commissioned them, that is to say, the seller?

I would certainly hire professionals, whom I pay and for this very reason, they will protect my interest and will be motivated to detect any anomalies and that aren’t in any way linked to the seller, because I want to sleep quietly.

The best thing, therefore, once you have identified the property that interests you, is to check with the help of our professionals, who play in your team because they wear the same shirt that everything is really in place.

My intention was not to frighten you, if it happened, know that it’s not all so terrible…. you want to buy a house in one of the most beautiful countries in the world!

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