I am Mary Ann Tumiotto, I was born in the province of Milan on November 6th 1978.

I worked as a travel agent for 10 years and in 2009 I changed my life completely by changing sectors and started to work in the real estate agency.

Obviously, the dream of moving closer to the sea was not just a dream of Antonio’s…. But also (and perhaps more) mine!

In 2016 my agency was awarded the prestigious CRS (Council of Residential Specialists) certification by the NAR (National Association of Realtors) which is the most important real estate agents’ trade association in the United States and which recognizes a high standard of service and professional ethics by those who receive it.

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Let me introduce myself:

My name is Mary Ann Tumiotto, I was born in Seregno (MI) on November 6th, 1978 from the love of Franca and Natale, two humble but fantastic people who through their exemplary lifestyle have passed the values of family and honesty onto me.

I have a curious name, I know!

It is not due to Anglo-Saxon origins (in spite of my efforts to learn English!) but simply due to the passion my father had for a musical group called “i Pooh” who composed this beautiful song in 1969. A song that was in all the jukeboxes of that time, he enjoyed it so much that it indelibly engraved itself in his mind and made him say:

“If I have a daughter one day, I will call her Mary Ann”… And here I am!

I had a happy and carefree childhood and adolescence.

I grew up in a classic Italian family of the ’80s, neither rich nor poor, my father has always worked as a labourer and my mother as an employee in an insurance company; they never left me lacking anything, often giving up their own needs in order to provide for me.

I spent part of my holidays at the seaside and part also in the mountains, almost always with my grandparents due to the reasons mentioned above. I have fond memories of them, their indulgences and pampering often made it difficult for me to return to my daily life in September.

How did I get to work in a real estate agency:

I graduated as a tour operator and I immediately started working to the point that I gained 10 years work experience in the field of tourism as a travel agent.

A very demanding job but one that has always fascinated me a lot.

During these 10 years, I got married and had two beautiful children, Nicolas in 2007 and Alessia in 2009.

Once I returned to work, my family needs helped me make up my mind:

I decided I would become a real estate agent.

I then enrolled in a course to get a qualification.

I was very determined, I had two very young children at home, a husband who was busy at work and who couldn’t help me and there I was , I had to divide myself between my home and my studies… Well, I can say that the day I passed the exam and obtained my qualification, I felt extremely proud of myself!

In 2015 we made one of the most important decisions in our lives:

we moved to Tuscany, to the seaside.

Yes, the seaside, what we had always dreamt of, was finally a reality!

The tranquillity it manages to transmit to you is quite incredible even just by standing still watching it!

Being a region with a strong tourist vocation, my husband, who is also a real estate agent, and I decided to specialize in the sale of properties to foreign customers; in 2016, our agency obtained the international CRS (Council of Residential Specialists) certification, the only real estate certification recognized by NAR, the most important association of real estate agents in the United States.

I realize more and more that thanks to my transfer I often find it easy to understand the needs and concerns of those who want to invest and realize the classic “Tuscan Dream”, maybe it is because I’ve been there too!!

The doubt of not finding the “right property you want”, of not knowing how much time and money you will have to spend” and of not being sure if you are being “ripped-off”…..

All the same doubts that gave me spend sleepless nights… but that today, help me to understand the real needs of those who dream of moving to a faraway place.

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