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Who we are?

We’re Mary Ann Tumiotto and Antonio Anile. We were born in Milan and we’ve been real estate agents since 1996.
We had a dream to achieve:

“A move to Tuscany with our 2 chindren Alessia and Nicolas…and we did!”

Now we’d like to help you to prevent the buying of your dream house in Italy from becoming a “NIGHTMARE”


Why this guide?:

  • If it’s already so complicated to buy a house where you live, imagine how difficul it’ll be to buy a house in a foreign country;
  • What’s the right process to buy a property in Italy;

In this guide we’ll talk about:

  • What the typical process that is used by almost everyone to find a property in Italy;

  • The bureaucratic, procedural and cultural peculiarities that you must know;

  • Which documents are required;

  • The stages of the purchasing process;

  • How to choose the right real estate agent;

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Our Certifications

In 2016 our agency was awarded the prestigious CRS (Council of Residential Specialists) certification by the NAR (National Association of Realtors) which is the most important real estate agents’ trade association in the United States and which recognizes a high standard of service and professional ethics by those who receive it.

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